Artcaste Mobile Platform

ARTCASTE has developed a fully customizable mobile platform. Complemented by a full service online CMS of administrated channels, application identity and user management.

Create instant live or on demand mobile events through a generic application. Available from the iTunes store or Android market.

Create new Client user sessions using an easy access web service. When published application artwork updates automatically appear on the users device. Each unique session alters the ‘in-app’ branding and available channel content according to settings in the parent web service.

Seamless Administration

A central component is the control platform. Controlling independent event ready application sessions crafted to support brand specific user experiences. 

Each session established with it’s own administrator group and user base.

Users can be added individually or uploaded as a list. Each user receives a welcome letter via email with links to the generic app location, installation instructions and their personal login information.

Once logged in, the generic app re-brands to display unique session identity. Artwork is uploaded and applied to each session. Artwork and content can be altered at any time and instantly updated on the end users application.

In the admin area, live, on-demand video and web links attached to brand-able channels are established, managed and secured.

Limitless Branding

Upload artwork to a mobile session and see it immediately take affect within the end users application.

In each new session, administrators are able to control splash screen and masthead artwork.

Via the platforms web service new artwork can be rapidly uploaded and swapped in to replace artwork within existing channel listings.

Administrators are able to change individual channel thumb-nails within each listing to support updates during a live streamm or event.

Channel Management

Change channel listings, artwork or end user
event information.

Each Mobile session is a live event. An event that can 
be administered and delivered in real-time. Change the end user experience at any stage. From channel listings to application artwork. Any aspect of the application can be updated on the fly.
For the end user the experience is seamless.
When accessing 
the application user credentials call specific changes from the platform to the app.

Create Sub Channels within parent channels.
Each parent channel includes the ability to create an editable 
tier of sub-channels.

Sub listings offer the event organizer a means to distribute content across a number of individually branded channels within 
a chapter marker.

Manage users with ease.

The mobile experience is an invite only product. Add users individually for small intimate 
events or closed sessions. Add groups of users, company directories or entire audiences through upload lists. Couple the invite list to a separate web-based registration platform and organize subscription,
call to action even Pay Per View.

Change user access, add or subtract exclusive privileges. Send automated welcome letters with updates and changes. Renew passwords, control user device identity. Enable users to see real time application alterations such as identity updates and channel content changes. Complete flexibility, control and access management 
in a
single platform.

Content Security

Review user lists and their activity within the app. Invite new users to a session and issue
login details.

After successfully logging into the app on their device the platform captures the users unique device key. Once their login and session is bound
to their device they are unable to share their details with another party or additional users.

The users device is recorded and locked to their account. Administrators can elect to enable users
to add additional devices to their account to include phones and tablets

First Look

After configuring a new application experience within the web-service and upon login from the email invite,
new users are welcomed to your app with your branded splash page. Tapping the splash page or welcome screen displays the channel menu screen. Future sessions recognize the username and password details and pass the user straight through to the client splash screen. Quickly and seamlessly transffering them from the generic application to your branded custom session.

Start watching video

Tapping a video channel in the menu will load the live or on-demand stream attached to that channel button. The link to the video configured by the administrator in the web-services portal. Video immediately plays full-screen. Familiar controls enable the user to pause, play, scrub through video or return to the menu screen.


Where necessary, administrators can secure channels with a PIN code. The code is auto-generated by the platform and emailed as a further invite to authorized users. When a user taps a PIN coded channel they are required to enter
a four digit code to access the content.

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