April 7th, 2015

Exhibition of experimental Belgian artist’s works will be the last show before two-year closure of the art gallery

The Hayward Gallery has announced it will host the first ever UK retrospective of Carsten Höller as its summer exhibition next year, the gallery’s final show before it closes for two years.

Höller, an experimental Belgian artist who originally worked as a scientist, has built his international reputation on artworks that range from a museum filled with reindeer fed on hallucinogenic mushrooms to a fully functioning guerilla nightclub in north London. In the UK, he is still best known for his 2006 piece, Test Site, which allowed willing participants to launch themselves down metallic double-helix slides installed in the Tate Modern’s cavernous Turbine Hall…

Writes Hannah Ellis-Petersen in The Guardian

Link to the full article here / Link to The Guardian here

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