March 19th, 2015

Born under another sign, Marsha Cottrell might have been a consumer tester for laser printers rather than an artist. Instead, she has created a body of work that harnesses the power of office equipment, treating it like a paintbrush or master printer’s tool.

Each work here is created by tweaking image files on a computer and feeding high quality paper — often mulberry paper, which allows the powdery iron oxide toner to build up on the surface — through the printer multiple times. Works in the “Spectral Sun” series have off-white circles of blank paper and radiating lines that are reminiscent of 19th-century photographs of the sun or Vija Celmins’s drawings. (The dense accretion of powdery black material also reminds you of Ad Reinhardt’s monochromes or Wade Guyton’s black paintings made with inkjet printers…

By Martha Schwendener in NYT Arts Beat

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