March 30th, 2015

When you enter Florian Meisenberg’s exhibition at Simone Subal Gallery (through Apr. 12) on the Lower East Side, you might feel a bit disoriented. The show’s title accentuates that sensation: “Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently.” “Everything in the show is slightly off,” says Subal. “Deliberately.” A not-exactly-rectangular triptych painting measuring 8 by 21 feet hangs on one wall; it’s subtly perspectival and obliquely refers to gaming.

A few faint stains were made by the artist applying his buttocks coated with linseed oil to the canvas-perhaps a ghostly nod to Yves Klein. On the gallery floor Meisenberg painted a partial section of a tennis court. The “players” are two video projections that face each other from opposite ends of the long room. The two projections depict computer-animated images of undulating black blobs in space, hovering in front of changing graphic backdrops that reference Classical architecture. All of the projected imagery is continuously downloaded live from open-source databases (Meisenberg often works with the “screen”—both virtually and as a material). At intervals buoyant Platonic 3-D forms appear…

Writes by Chris Chang in Art In America

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