March 23rd, 2015

Tate Britain, London. For the latest in its Commission series, the Tate hosts Christina Mackie’s giant dip-dyed fabrics and curious sculptural objects – but while it’s all initially striking, it ultimately can’t connect with the scale of the space.

NIne 12-metre-long tubes of coloured silk and linen fabric hang from just below the skylights in the front half of Tate Britain’s Duveen gallery, almost reaching the floor. Beneath each of them stands a shallow, circular pool of dye. Earlier, each of these tubes had sat in these pools before being hoisted aloft on pulleys. It looks as if the colour is pouring down toward the floor as much as rising from it, like the stems of lilies. Far above our heads, the fabric tubes open out with a flourish, reminding one of trumpets and funnels. The effect is a bit spoiled by a couple of tubes that are a little more complicated, the fabric hanging from what look like giant Ikea lampshades…

Writes Adrian Searle in The Guardian

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