Artnet Magazine Closes After 16 Years
June 26, 2012

After a 16 year run, the widely read online publication Artnet magazine is ending its publication due to economic struggles. The magazine has provided a strong voice in the visual art world over the past years.

In a statement released Monday, the magazine’s editor, Walter Robinson, said, “During its 16 years of digital life, the magazine was never able to pay its own way.” Robinson added that the French and German language publications would also be shuttered.

The online magazine was part of Artnet, a major visual arts hub that provides related information of the art auction world. The site is known for its database of past auction prices, which is widely used by dealers and auction houses, including Sotheby’s and Christie’s. In addition, Artnet provides thorough reviews of market performance in the art world, as well as sales and online auctions of artworks.

This news comes on the same day as chief executive Hans Neuendorf’s decision to resign. Neuendorf has served as CEO since 1995. He announced that his son, Jacob Pabst, would be taking over his platform. It is unclear if the closing is at all related to the resignation, said sources.

The closing will go into effect immediately, with no new articles being published after the announcement. An archive for past articles will remain available on

Left image of Mr. Neuendorf, photographed by Anna Jockisch, Right Image via Artnet & Bloomberg
Right image of Walter Robinson in 1985, photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders via Artnet

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